So many students, teachers, custondians, etc. enjoyed the experience of seeing the birds "live"! I have about 8 video tapes. I let the students use the remote to tape when they saw something interesting. I can't thank you enough for a truly wonderful, wonderful experience for my students. It really helped to make the connection between what they have read and what really happens.
- Karen V., Resource Room Teacher, Poughkeepsie, NY


I want to let you know how much we are enjoying the birdcam. We have an owl in the box sitting on two eggs. We are tapeing her on the VCR different times of the day. Thanks again and I'll update on the newborn.
- Bobby M., Aylett, Virginia


Thanks for the Bluebird hosue! We have really been enjoying it. I got to watch them build a nest (5 days), and so far we have two eggs.?
- Jim B., Harvard, NE


We bought the birdhouse as a gift and helped our neighbor lady hang the house this morning and there is already a pair of sparrows building a nest inside! I sat there for over an hour, watching those little birds trying to get everything "just so". What wonderful entertainment! I want to buy one for myself but am afraid I won't get anything done around the house. I would be too busy watching the birds! What an incredibly ingenious thing you have come up with!
- Laura K., Vancouver, WA


Incredible! After hanging the birdhouse we went inside and up on our deck to check it out and there were already two bluebirds checking it out . . . with a pair of chickadees waiting in the wings. The chickadees finally took over and spent a good week building their nest, only to have the Bluebirds come back and try to drive them away! The chickadees prevailed, but who ever heard of something like this.
- Linda V., Atlanta, GA